Why is the form and reCAPTCHA from Google not working?

Are you having trouble submitting your form and/or reCAPTCHA on your computer or mobile device? This article will teach you how to troubleshoot reCAPTCHA when it doesn't work in any browser on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Problems with Google's reCAPTCHA form and captcha most often occur when you are online, where you share your ISP settings with multiple devices or people. This means that one of them is sending automated traffic (bots). You may then receive the message “Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network”.

This does not necessarily mean that the person is doing it consciously; the computer may be infected. When using reCAPTCHA v2 on a website, Google will offer you one of the following simple tasks:

- Select images that contain a specific element

- Recognize and write text

- Listen to the speaker and type what was said

When using reCAPTCHA v3 on a website, Google does not require the user to perform certain actions. You can recognize this version of reCAPTCHA by the Google logo (widget) in the lower right corner on the site page. But it is worth noting that the widget may not exist if the site developer decided to hide the widget from users.

reCAPTCHA v3 from Google prevents robots from filling out and submitting forms on the site. But sometimes ordinary users also have problems submitting the form. In this case, you should first reload the form page and resubmit the form. Some Google reCAPTCHA v3 software settings have a time limit of two minutes. Therefore, fill out and submit the form as quickly as possible.

If you are blocked or fail the reCAPTCHA test, you may be using an outdated or unsupported browser. You may also lack a stable internet connection, but this is an easy fix.

Below we have provided some additional tips to help you resolve your form submission issue:

1. Try turning on incognito mode (CTRL + SHIFT + N in Chrome).

2. Try logging into the search engine (google.com) with your Google account.

You'll be less likely to get banned because Google will know you're not a bot since you're using a Google account.

Additionally, Gmail account is one of the most secure, and you can create two-step sign-in there using SMS or Google Authenticator. We do not recommend using accounts other than Gmail.

3. Contact your network administrator and explain your problem.

They should take care of the person causing the problem and assign you new network settings.

4. Reboot your device.

Restart your computer to fix common errors. In some cases, a quick restart may resolve connection issues. Restart your computer, iPhone, or Android device. After restarting, try submitting the form again with reCAPTCHA.

5. Check your Internet connection.

Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network. Slow connections may cause reCAPTCHA to hang or not load correctly. If necessary, you can speed up a slow connection by minimizing the number of programs and applications running in the background of your device.

6. Use a supported browser.

To complete the reCAPTCHA, you must be using a supported browser. On the desktop you can use: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chromium Edge. On mobile devices you can use: Google Chrome, Safari and the native Android browser.

7. Update your browser.

Keep your browser up to date to avoid errors. Open your browser settings and look for possible updates. If you have any updates available, install them. Reboot your device after installation and try submitting the form with reCAPTCHA again.

8. Disable browser extensions.

If you have extensions installed on your browser, be sure to disable them if reCAPTCHA does not work. Some extensions may interfere with the page's functionality.

This depends on your browser, but you'll most likely find this option under Tools. Restart your browser after deactivating extensions.

9. Change your IP address.

Try a new IP address. In most cases, you can easily change your IP address by rebooting your modem. Unplug your internet modem, wait a few minutes, and then plug it back in. Once you are back online, try submitting the form with reCAPTCHA again.

10. Create a new user profile.

In Windows, this can be done like this: “Settings”, “Accounts”, “Family and other users”, “Add someone else to this PC”. Fill in the required fields.

On a Mac, open the Apple menu: System Preferences/Preferences, Users & Groups, Add Account. Select your user type and then fill out the required fields.

Login to your new user account and fill out the form again with reCAPTCHA.

11. Disable all active proxy services.

Proxy services may interfere with your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. Temporarily disable proxy services and then try submitting the form again with reCAPTCHA.

12. Please pay attention to filling out the form.

Typically, you must follow certain requirements when filling out form fields. For example, when filling out a text field, do not use special characters. Try to use just letters, commas and periods.

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