Error 202 Accepted

There are more than 65 status codes that are reproduced in the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) when communicating between servers and clients. So, HTTP 202 Accepted is one of many. But with the exception of HTTP 200 and HTTP 201, all other status codes require action when they occur. This is exactly the case with the 202 Accepted error.

In this short article, we'll show you exactly what the 202 Accepted HTTP code says, how to spot it, and which SEO tools will help you a lot—with all the status codes, by the way.

The 202 Accepted status code is one of many HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) codes that may appear when you access a website or program. In general, HTTP status codes are indicators of web browser availability.

There is a good reason why the HTTP 202 Accepted code is not listed in the 4xx client error list. The HTTP 202 name is “Accepted,” meaning the request has been accepted. Which first of all means that everything is fine. The client's request has been accepted by the server, but it will not necessarily be answered or will not be answered until later.

The "202 Accepted" message indicates that the page being accessed was found on the web server, but the request will not be processed until a later date.

In short: HTTP 202 Accepted means that complete success of the request is not guaranteed. This can definitely impact your SEO, so action is necessary.

Causes of error 202 Accepted

If the server responds with "202 Accepted", the question is accepted, but full access to the server is not yet allowed. Before this, additional data is required, which can only be requested at certain times of the day.

"202 Accepted" should in no way be understood as an error message, but rather as an update to the status of the page request. In many cases, the "202 Accepted" message is accompanied by additional information from the site operator, which contains information about the request and processing status.

One possible practical application is batch processing, where requests are collected and typically processed automatically after the request. This is done at specific times of the day depending on the quantity and volume of data requested.

During this process, several requests are collected and fully processed later. Such processes are often used when the server needs to process and send large amounts of data. This is especially common on internal networks where processes are repeated.

The HTTP code 202 Accepted tells the user that the request has been received, but does not establish an existing connection to the server. This means that the user does not have to maintain a persistent connection to the web server until his request is completed through batch processing. This method saves the user valuable server power and at the same time is an efficient way to process data.

How to determine the 202 Accepted error?

Like any other status code - from 1xx to 5xx - you can identify HTTP 202 Accepted using special SEO tools. These tools belong to the so-called crawlers, which, like all search engines, analyze your website or online store in detail. SEO software will recognize all status codes so you can correct them if necessary.

Additionally, some tools have additional features that are important for SEO.

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